Meet the newly appointed members of the RiverMead Team

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Directors and Assistant Directors

Jennifer Coles, who has been with the RiverMead organization for the past 16 years, is a dedicated sales and marketing professional. As Director of Marketing and Community Relations, she is responsible for maintaining full occupancy on both campuses in all levels of care and for overall development, planning, and implementation of the marketing and sales program. She sets long-range and annual goals to fulfill marketing objectives, including setting targets for occupancy and waitlist. She also assists the Director of Resident Services to ensure RiverMead is providing a high level of quality care to its residents.

The Community Relations aspect of her role is to promote activities and opportunities in the greater community that meet RiverMead's mission, vision and values, and engage with RiverMead brand ambassadors to the greater Monadnock Region.

Jennifer enjoys meeting and educating prospective residents interested in RiverMead and learning more about the LifeCare Plan.




Ben Cass is RiverMead’s new Director of Culinary Services. Ben brings years of experience as an executive chef and director to the community. He has completed The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel ACFEI Chef Apprenticeship and holds a degree in hospitality from White Mountains Community College.

His role at RiverMead is to oversee all aspects of food and dining. This includes using systems, tools, and resources provided to RiverMead by their partnership with Unidine to ensure that they maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

Ben looks forward to contributing to RiverMead’s outstanding culinary reputation by implementing new technologies, techniques and, most importantly, always listening to residents’ feedback! Ben oversees a staff of approximately seventy-five employees.




Sherry Gauthier has been with RiverMead since its inception and now serves as the Director of Resident Services. Gauthier has worn many hats throughout her tenure and played an integral role in developing RiverMead to today's community.

She is responsible for ensuring that RiverMead is providing a high level of quality care to its residents. Sherry oversees a team of over twenty-five staff members, including transportation, reception, programming, and fitness professionals dedicated to providing residents with quality care.

Sherry and her team are working on various initiatives to achieve enhanced communication, visibility, availability, and accessibility to the residents of RiverMead.

Sherry is happy to assist residents in any way that she can. Having spent over twenty years at RiverMead, she values the opportunity to be a part of residents' daily lives. She is grateful for having the privilege of working in their home.  




Michelle Humphrey joined RiverMead in October of 2021 as the Director of Home Health. Michelle has an extensive background in nursing and management and has experience overseeing the nursing departments for independent living, assisted living, and memory care. She has a Bachelor's of Nursing Degree from U-Mass Amherst and is currently attending the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

In her new role at RiverMead, Michelle looks forward to bridging the gap between independent living and assisted living through home health services. Michelle and her team can provide in-home care and support for residents living in apartments, cottages, and villas through the Home Health Program. She creates customized plans to provide residents with flexibility and choice.

As a longtime resident of the Monadnock Region, Michelle understands how special the RiverMead community is and looks forward to strengthening the Home Health Program over the coming years.




The newly appointed Assistant Director of Resident Services, Kim Mansfield, brings decades of experience in the continuing care retirement community industry. Mansfield has been with RiverMead for over twenty years and has an extensive programming and resident services background. She attended Keene State College and is a Certified Aging Services Professional (CASP), which she obtained from the University of North Texas affiliated with the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.

Kim plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of RiverMead and serves as a touchpoint for residents who need questions answered or problems solved. Her new role allows her to take an active part in the care coordination at RiverMead, which includes residents' transition into their new homes. She helps support the Resident Services Department, which includes fitness, programming, reception, and transportation.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Kim's position is that she can truly make a difference in residents' everyday lives. Resident Services is also implementing initiatives to strengthen communication between RiverMead and their residents by utilizing technology-based platforms.




Jennifer McLemore joined RiverMead as the Director of Environmental Services in July of 2021. McLemore brings almost twenty years of valuable experience in the Environmental Services and Operation Management field to RiverMead and possesses her bachelor's degree in Business Administration from McKendree University.

She oversees a staff of approximately twenty-five employees and has begun to improve the structure and efficiency of her department. She is incredibly passionate about her role here at RiverMead and enjoys working with her staff to influence the well-being of residents positively.

Jennifer works as a management team member and looks forward to bringing new ideas to the team. Her goal is to make a great community even better.





Jeremy Blydenburgh joined RiverMead in 2021 as the Marketing and Community Relations Manager. Blydenburgh brings years of knowledge and experience in the marketing field to the table.

Before his role at RiverMead, Jeremy worked in the real estate industry, starting as a salesperson and quickly working his way up to the corporate-level marketing department. He has experience with project management, content creation, graphic design, brand management, and sales. Blydenburgh is a graduate of Franklin Pierce University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.

At RiverMead, Jeremy assists the Director of Marketing and Community Relations with the planning and implementation of initiatives to fulfill annual marketing objectives. He also helps with promoting community relations between RiverMead and the greater Monadnock Region. Blydenburgh looks forward to continuing to maintain quality and excellence in RiverMead’s marketing efforts.




Melissa Boisvert now serves as RiverMead's Program Manager for the independent living communities. She has decades of experience in the human services field; most recently, working as the Program Assistant at RiverMead for several years.

Boisvert brings knowledge, passion, and fresh ideas to this role. She has initiatives planned to provide residents with enhanced educational programming. Building on a culture of collaboration, Melissa would like to bring in members of the RiverMead Community and Monadnock Region to give the residents engaging presentations and demonstrations. She also hopes to provide residents with more overnight trips to unique destinations.

The goal of these trips, excursions, and events is to allow residents to enjoy life and to participate in things that they would not do if they were living on their own. Melissa prides herself on providing residents with engaging, and valuable programming as well as ensuring that residents feel confident and safe when leaving the community on excursions.

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