An Evening at The Peterborough Players

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On June 21st, staff, waitlist members, residents, board members, and friends gathered for the Peterborough Player’s dress rehearsal of Souvenir. Many did not know what to expect when they walked in the door. However, this was surely a night to remember. The warm evening sun and cool breeze set the stage for the first night of the year that truly felt like summer. No one could have asked for a more pleasant gathering. Staff and residents met like old friends while new prospective residents had a first look at what the RiverMead community is like. The food and drinks were shared, but most importantly, good times were had between all that attended. 

Eventually, the crowd settled in and prepared for the performance. Different from a traditional play, there were only two actors ever on stage, but let this not take away from the number of people involved in this production. Stage managers, costume and set designers, artists, makeup technicians, and many more all contributed. This is an excellent example of how creativity can be expressed through theater. 

The story follows Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy aristocrat and historical figure who pursues a career as an opera singer and fails horribly. She is extremely tone-deaf, and thus she uses her money to hire Cosme McMoon, an accompanist. McMoon, in need of money, agrees to help this woman who cannot sing to save her life. By the end of the show, the audience is completely immersed in Florence’s world and finds the beauty in her singing that Florence heard all along.  

Laughs were shared in the audience, and the Players put on a fantastic performance. It was a terrific way to kick off the summer for RiverMead, and a special thanks to the Peterborough Players for putting on an amazing show.  

RiverMead takes pride in being an active member of the community, and we are thrilled to support local organizations like the Peterborough Players. We aim to continue supporting events and organizations that align with our vision and commitment to the community.

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