Frequently Asked Questions

family at RiverMeadQ:  Why should I /we consider joining the Waitlist?     
A:  The benefits of joining include: Having a Plan in Place for your Future; Financial Security; Peace of Mind for you and your family; and More Choice.

Q:  How soon should I/we join the Waitlist?
A:  Currently, we recommend that you join the Waitlist 2 to 5 years prior to the time of your desired move. The sooner you submit your application, the better. Your name(s) are placed on the Waitlist by the date of your application. You may change the time frame of your move and the style of apartment or cottage as often as you like, without cost or penalty. The only thing that cannot be changed is the date you submit your application.

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Q:  What is the cost of joining the Waitlist?        
A:   The total cost is $2,500 of which $2,000 is fully refundable. RiverMead retains $500 as an application fee. This deposit allows you to put your name on as many apartment and cottage styles as you like and indicates your desired range of entry. When you move in, the $2,000 will be applied toward the Entrance Fee.

Q:  Can I/we list our name under more than one style?
A:   The Waitlist provides Priority, Flexibility and Choice. Choose as many apartments and cottage styles as you would like on both campuses.

Q:  What if an apartment becomes available and we are not ready to move to RiverMead?
A:   Simply let us know when you anticipate a move to RiverMead. We will not contact you before then. You will be called when there is an opening and when we have reached the date you specified as your desired entry (you may change that date at any time).

Q: Is RiverMead pet-friendly?
A: Yes, we welcome pets!

Q:  If I wanted to move in now, is that possible?
A:   We encourage you to contact us so that we can update you on availability and assist you through the moving process.

Q: Are there nature trails onsite?
A: One of the benefits of our 96-acre campus are paved walking areas between the Mead and Village campus (can also be used for biking) and nature trails that run alongside the Contoocook river on The Mead campus, and miles of trails on the Village Campus. There are benches along the way to sit and take in the views and an observation deck over the river.

Q: Are the balconies/patios covered and screened-in?
A: Yes, every apartment, cottage and villa has a screened in porch.  Many have the upgrade of being glassed in as well.

Q: What about covered parking?
A: The Mead campus offers covered parking for a monthly fee, the Village campus features underground parking garage at no additional charge.

Q: How long is the Waitlist?
A: The Waitlist time frame varies from 6 months to 2 years depending on your style preference. Even if you are not ready to join our community now, the waitlist is a great, flexible plan – and safety net!

Q: What are The Villas?
A: The Villas are a new independent living option that feature an open-concept design and corner orientation. The Villas complement our cottage and apartment offerings. There are three different floor plans that range from 1,670-1,240 square feet. They have a screened-in corner porch with beautiful views. They are about 200 feet from the Village main building.

Q: What about dining?
A: Dining is exciting at RiverMead. There are six different dining venues at RiverMead with a great variety of cuisine. One meal a day is included in the monthly fee and that is lunch or dinner in the venue of your choice. “Takeout” baskets are also available every day.

Do you have questions? Or would you like to schedule a visit and personalized tour? Just ask by calling us at 1-800-200-5433 or email

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