Get to Know Doris and David

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When Doris and David Shaw moved to RiverMead in 2019, they, like most people, feared that their independence might be compromised. As it turned out, they settled in quickly and haven’t regretted the move in the slightest. In fact, when asked what the one piece of advice would be for any prospective resident, Doris answered, “Come sooner than later…Whatever you want is here, and if you don’t drive, all of your transportation is taken care of!” 

With family ties to the area, his parents in a CCRC and her parents on the waitlist at RiverMead, when the right apartment was available, they jumped on the opportunity. Since moving to RiverMead, David has moved from independent living to the memory support neighborhood where Doris sees him every day. When asked what she loved the most about living at RiverMead, she enthusiastically stated “The easier answer is to list what I don’t love about it and that’s nothing!” Specifically mentioning the exceptional programming, the community’s numerous opportunities to involve her husband in activities, and offering positive examples of the “wonderful, amazing” people who work here. 

Taking advantage of freedom from the responsibilities of home ownership and no longer having to Cook and clean, Doris found herself becoming involved in the community, from her activity on the welcome committee, to offering her skills as a media specialist, “There’s something for everyone here, it’s just about how involved you want to get!”

“It’s so much easier to live here…I feel I don’t really miss anything, and I especially do not miss the home maintenance!” In closing, Doris offered this piece to anyone considering moving to a LifeCare community. “Get your financial ducks in a row and review all the legal pieces. When you have the security knowing everything is taken care of, it’s easy to enjoy life at RiverMead!”

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