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Are you curious and perhaps a little concerned about what life is like living in a community during a pandemic?  Are you asking yourself “I would love to be using all of the amenities that RiverMead has to offer- but am I safer at home?”

The answer might surprise you. There are many obvious safeguards put in place by administration to keep residents safe from COVID and other viruses- social distancing- which does not mean being anti-social, handwashing, mask wearing and vaccination. We believe these are the best practices to keep our community healthy.

As you know social interaction, peace of mind, laughter, and a sense of daily purpose are the keys to a healthy lifestyle resulting in a strong immune system. A healthy and nutritious diet as well as daily exercise are obvious keys to health- but are you doing all this for yourself at home? Is your nutrition good? Are you getting consistent exercise? Do you have accountability partners? You may want to take a deeper look at how living in a community like RiverMead might boost your overall health.

The RiverMead Fitness Center and pool are open! Residents are enjoying “socially distanced” group exercise classes and reservations are available to use the fitness equipment and the pool.

Carol Leger manages the RiverMead Fitness Center. Carol offers the following information on the benefits of group exercise-

Fitness Class RiverMead  Fitness Manager Carol class signUp        

“Group exercise has the ability to impact more than just physical health.  Having a holistic approach to wellness by addressing the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health can significantly improve quality of life.  The communal benefits of coming together with friends and colleagues, and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone.” Some of the top reasons why people especially enjoy group classes are:

1.      Expert guidance with quality fitness instructors

2.      Improves workout consistency through accountability and encouragement

3.      Social support, camaraderie, inclusiveness that can lower stress levels by 26%

4.      Explore movement in a new way

5.      It’s fun!

RiverMead pool Fitness  Fitness Ladies outdoors RiverMead


When it comes to nutrition- RiverMead Executive Chef Keith Fournier believes that access to a variety of fruits, vegetable, lean meats and healthy grains is the key and the menus at RiverMead reflect that belief.

farmers market at RiverMead  Chef Fournier at Hibachi

“We all see the trend in healthy eating – but as a Chef…. It gives us an opportunity to be creative and use fresh, healthy ingredients. There is nothing better than letting the ingredients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves by using local produce when possible, and responsibly sourced meat and seafood. Those ingredients are the canvas on which to build our meals. Reducing the amount of fats and salts presents a challenge that we are willing to embrace. Our Residents are relishing a healthy lifestyle and enjoying fresh made from scratch meals that are well presented, tasty and nutritious. By doing this, it fortifies our passion as cooks!”

At RiverMead, one meal a day is included in the monthly fee from the dining venue of your choice or take-out delivered to your door.

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