Internship: My Week in Review, by Jocelyn Horsfall-Arsenault

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RiverMead Marketing Team

2019 August: RiverMead Marketing Dept. (left to right) Jan Eaton - Director Marketing & Resident Services, Cayce Sands - Marketing Assistant, Jocelyn Horsfall-Arsenault - Intern, ​and Jennifer Coles - Manager Sales & Marketing


My name is Jocelyn Horsfall-Arsenault and I've been lucky enough to spend a week here at RiverMead as an intern with the Marketing department. RiverMead is a beautiful high end, LifeCare Retirement Community. The campus is composed of 95 acres, full of resident gardens and beautiful living spaces. The reason for my internship at RiverMead is due to my high school senior project, a project that enforces the independent learning capability and self-reflection of a student. I plan to determine my desired major before the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, I plan to be a journalist. Journalism and reading the news is high on my hobby list with painting and music, so it's no question that I want to be a journalist. My week at RiverMead has taught me about the challenge and extreme satisfaction of a marketing job. I've learned so much about writing press releases, official media management, and general sales and the benefits of living in a community like RiverMead. I've faced so many wonderful challenges here, the biggest of all being in this type of work environment for the first time, and realizing the further education that I need. Writing for your school paper through your journalism class is nothing compared to the real world writing requirements of jobs. I've received wonderful constructive criticism, and met so many beautiful souls at RiverMead. Every staff member has greeted me with kind eyes and bright smiles, and every resident has been so gracious in showing me their gardens, and introducing themselves.

Without a doubt RiverMead is filled with some of the kindest people you could ever encounter. Not only have I exceeded the necessary requirements for my project and acquired incredible skills I will hold onto forever, but I've also been so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I am so thankful to RiverMead, it's staff, and its residents for taking me in with open arms, and teaching me things I could never have hoped to learn anywhere else. So thank you, to RiverMead for helping me on my journey to graduation and a fulfilling life. ​

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