Meet Jason Duval Asst. Director of Facilities

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Jason Duval and familyJason Duval is the Assistant Director of Facilities and oversees the daily operation of the maintenance department at RiverMead.  The maintenance department is responsible for grounds keeping, snow removal, apartment and cottage turnovers, work orders, resident satisfaction, fire safety plus so much more.  Jason oversees a staff of 14 full-time and 3 part-time employees. The RiverMead campus encompasses 96 acres and has 315 residents, so this is no small job!

Jason says "One of the biggest challenges for the maintenance department is there is never any downtime or time to put things off for another day" so they work hard each and every day to accomplish what is front of them.

Technology has improved so many things for the maintenance department. "We are able to better serve our residents and staff. We have shortened our response time to work orders with the use of the works-order request program.  This program also helps us better track problem equipment that may need to be replaced instead of repeated repairs in turn saving us money in the long run.  The event scheduling program has also made communication on needed set ups very easy. When we implemented this technology we had concerns about buy in from staff and residents but we were pleasantly surprised how fast it was embraced."

Jason's life work has been about helping others- it comes natural to him.  He has been a member of the local call fire service for over 20 years and he was a licensed EMT volunteer for most of those years. These skills come in handy for his role at RiverMead.  He also was a master plumber by trade.

Jason and his wife and daughter operate a small hobby farm. They raise chickens, cows, pigs, goats and horses and take pride and satisfaction in this. It's something they all do together keeping them connected. It's a "hobby with a purpose".

‚ÄčIf you ever see Jason around the RiverMead campus be sure and say hello!

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