Meet Terri - Our Dementia Programming Coordinator

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We are excited to announce that Terri Nolte has been promoted to the role of Dementia Programming Coordinator in our Memory Care Neighborhood. Before her involvement in the Programming Department, she was an LNA in our Health Center. She also has experience helping people with cognitive, physical, and mental health issues by working as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor.

She is responsible for the planning and executing of programs and activities for residents living with memory loss or dementia. She works alongside the nursing staff to provide residents with physically and mentally engaging programs. On any given day, residents in this neighborhood can expect three to four different curated events.

Terri enjoys bringing music into the lives of her residents. Almost every morning, residents have the opportunity to participate in a program titled “Rise & Shine / Stretch & Sing.” This program is designed to encourage social behavior, enhance communication, alleviate isolation and anxiety, and of course, entertain the residents involved. Terri notes that residents often get “engaged in the music and movement.”

She has also designed mentally stimulating programs such as “Armchair Travel.” In this program, a destination is selected, and residents will virtually visit via Google Earth or Youtube and discuss the culture and traditions of that region.

Since Terri is working with a small group of residents, she can cater programs to their needs and wants. Throughout the month, residents will participate in board games, card games, manicures, “wine” tastings, themed parties, musical activities, and so much more.

While Terri described working with residents who experience memory loss and dementia, she advocated that “It is essential to present yourself with a friendly and cheerful demeanor, as residents quickly pick up on the energy that you project.”

Terri’s work follows RiverMead’s mission of advocating for an enriched lifestyle with cultural and educational opportunities. We look forward to seeing the programs and activities that Terri has planned for the coming months!

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