Memory Support: Signs It May Be Time to Make the Move

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Placing your loved one in a Memory Support environment can be a difficult decision. We advocate for families to consider moving their loved ones to Memory Support because we see the benefits and positive impact of our resident-centered care daily.

Memory Support is a specialized neighborhood within Assisted Living designed for individuals and couples experiencing Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other cognitive disorders.

Memory loss and forgetfulness can be a normal part of the aging process. This forgetfulness often appears as having trouble remembering names or dates. This does not necessarily indicate a cognitive disorder—people with Alzheimer's or dementia experience symptoms other than mild memory loss.

No situation is the same, and there are no specific rules for when someone needs more care. Certain changes in behavior, hygiene, and environment can indicate that it is time for a transition:

  • Significant problems with memory and thinking that impact daily functioning.
  • Memory loss for recent events
  • Difficulty with problem-solving, complex tasks, and sound judgment
  • Changes in personality
  • Difficulty organizing and expressing thoughts
  • Misplacing belongings
  • Getting lost
  • Need help with daily self-care activities
  • Become moody or withdrawn
  • Be restless, agitated, anxious, or tearful, especially in the late afternoon or at night.
  • Become aggressive
  • Experience sleep problems
  • Wander away from home


These symptoms of memory loss can make managing day-to-day life challenging. A memory support environment will set your loved one up for success. 

Individuals experiencing cognitive disorders benefit from constant care and companionship. Our Memory Support Neighborhood offers residents 24/7 nursing care, services, amenities, and comprehensive programming - there is always something to do throughout the day. 

Our holistic programs are designed to benefit every aspect of one's life. These programs focus on fitness, spirituality, wellness, creativity, and cognitive health. Residents can choose to be active and involved in their pursuits or relaxed and reflective, however, and whenever it suits them.

This safe environment features specially designed community spaces and private residences. Contact us today to schedule a personal visit at 1.800.200.5433 or email:

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