RiverMead Celebrates a World of Flavors!

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We are happy to have participated in National Nutrition Month® 2022: Celebrate a World of Flavors. Our programming and culinary team recently joined forces to provide our residents with a month of exciting cuisine and programming related to food from across the world.

Residents had the opportunity to embrace global cultures, cuisines, and inclusivity throughout the month. Every week, they explored different regions, including Africa, the Nordic, Asia, Latin America, and the Near East. Our culinary team had concocted spectacular dishes combining nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability.

Some of these wonderful dishes included:

-         Roasted Salmon and Vegetables (Nordic)

-         Crispy Shrimp, Mango Salad (Asia)

-         Mexican Chicken, Corn, Lime Soup (Latin America)


The team set up different events to complement the cuisine, including recipe cards, puzzles, games, and themed videos related to the culture. On Friday evenings, they are offered themed dinners with decorations.

National Nutrition Month® was initiated in the 1970s in response to a growing interest in nutrition. The program encourages everyone to make informed decisions regarding their food choices and develop positive eating habits that they can follow throughout the year. At RiverMead, we have been participating in the program for years, and our award-winning chefs create culturally and ethnically diverse menus throughout the year.

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