RiverMead Team Pulls Together!

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RiverMead dining services You don't have to look far to see all departments of RiverMead pulling together to provide exceptional service at a time where RiverMead has had to implement "social distancing". That means that we have suspended our programming, fitness and dining venues, along with not permitting outside visitors to our all levels of our Health Center. These protocols are recommended by the state of New Hampshire Department of Public Health in an effort to keep our residents healthy and safe from the threat of COVID 19.

Every department has been touched by these changes and staff members have quickly implemented creative solutions. We know so well that it often the "small things" that can make such a difference to our resident's lives.

Residents are able to call our "To Go" to order their evening meal, and it's delivered right to their door, whether they live in a cottage, apartment or Villa. "Dinner by 'candlelight' isn't bad…especially when one doesn't have to cook it!" from resident Diana Mundy.

Programming is publishing a daily newsletter delivered to everyone's door with some puzzles, word scrambles, photos and RiverMead news to help keep residents minds engaged and amused.

The Fitness department has put together a "Fitness Toolbox" ideas and instruction on how to safely workout at home on your own.

RiverMead Housekeeping The Environmental Services department is responsible for the housekeeping and cleaning of our entire community. They keep us safe and healthy every day.

The RiverMead Programming Staff are mobilizing as a team with the support from other departments to facilitate virtual spouse and family visits for residents that are living in the Health Center. Technology has been put in place so that staff can help make Face Time and Skype calls to loved ones who are not permitted to visit while we keep our Health Center free from visitors at the moment. This has made a big difference for residents who are not only missing their loved ones, but concerned for them as well. The singing, smiles, laughter and kisses though the virtual world are not replacement for the real thing…but for now they are providing some comfort and novelty.

A big thank you to all who have postponed a visit to RiverMead to keep us healthy! We miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon!

entry indications RiverMead Implements COVID19 precautions and Social Distancing RiverMead is receiving updates from the New Hampshire Department of Public Health and The Centers for Disease Control, CDC on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. We are adjusting and implementing our protocols accordingly.  Clear and consistent communication is paramount for a community like RiverMead during a time like this. RiverMead CEO- Bill James, Director of Marketing and Resident Services Jan Eaton and Ann Nunn, Health Center Administrator provide written updates to any change in protocols and updates to every resident. The RiverMead Board of Trustees are also offered the same updates. RiverMead has and is educating staff, residents and families on symptom awareness for COVID-19 and infection control best practices. We have clear protocols for staff to stay home and not come to work if they are ill or symptomatic. Visitors and Families: As we continue to protect the health and well-being of our residents, in all areas of the RiverMead community, we are implementing the required protocol set forth from the New Hampshire Department of Public Health and what we believe to be “best practices” at this time.

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