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Twice a year, the RiverMead auditorium swells with prospective residents, their family members and other eager guests who come to hear a presentation about downsizing and receive a list of valuable resources on the subject. "We came to learn" is the common goal- as like most, we have acquired a lifetime of memories, as well as possessions. Most attendees are planning to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), downsize to a smaller home, or just clean out items in their home to feel more organized. They are looking for tips, advice and motivation for a project that at times might feel overwhelming or impossible.

The seminar consists of a resident panel, people who have "been there and done that", and a professional organizer/downsizer that RiverMead has invited to speak.

The conversation has practical advice and tips, as well as deeper insight, such as "Do this now (downsizing) for your future-self!" Most agree, it is hard to know where to get started and procrastination can set in. The purpose of this seminar is to have participants go home with a downsizing strategy and some inspiration to keep going.

"Below please take a look at the info-graphic highlighting the Top 5 Tips for Downsizing according to the pro's... our residents and our professional Downsizers."

downsizing tips

In closing, and if all else still seems too daunting, you could partner with a professional. Experienced downsizers run the gamut of services from coming to your home and helping you with a game plan, putting you in touch with the right resources or running the project themselves. They can also help with the move from planning, packing and executing the move on both ends. You DON'T Have To Do This Alone!

Join our next Downsizing Seminar and bring home a list of area professionals recommended and vetted by RiverMead.

You can find reputable people for hire on the following websites...
National Association of Senior Move Managers:
National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals:

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