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Charlotte and Lee DeBellIt is amazing how quickly time has passed since we moved into a Villa apartment in mid-April. We immediately were graciously and warmly welcomed by our Ambassadors and countless Village and Mead residents, who made our transition extremely easy. That welcoming and caring atmosphere continued as we became more settled and continues today, which speaks volumes about this community.

We made this move earlier than we had originally planned and we often get asked about our decision process, especially by friends who are not located at RiverMead. They usually want to know why we chose RiverMead and why we moved when we did.

There were many factors that influenced our decision, the most significant of which was the availability of a small one bedroom Villa apartment which provided an open concept floor plan with a wall of glass that looks out on nature. That spoke to us and we love how it fits our lifestyle and meets our needs.

We also felt drawn to the Peterborough area.Its rural character and natural beauty provides easy accessibility to walking, kayaking, and biking.  Peterborough also provides abundant opportunities for cultural events, including concerts, lecture series, and plays. We also enjoy exploring many of the small historic towns in the region.  Although we lived in NH for forty-five years, prior to our move to RiverMead, we did not know the Monadnock Region very well.We have now come to realize that it is a wonderful undiscovered secret in our state.

Charlotte and Lee DeBell

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