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We are offering the opportunity for qualified employees to enroll in our Licensed Nursing Assistant and Medication Nursing Assistant Training Programs at no charge. These training programs prepare employees to provide different levels of professional care to residents. The programs consist of instructor-led classes as well as clinical-based education.

These programs train employees in the skills required to further their careers in the nursing industry. The Licensed Nursing Assistant course is an excellent opportunity to break into the nursing career path. To become a member of the course, you must be employed by RiverMead as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) for at least ninety days. The PCA role allows employees to build connections with residents and provides them with valuable exposure to working in the healthcare industry. The position is responsible for a range of personal assistance duties and is an integral part of assisted living at RiverMead. Upon completing the first ninety days as a PCA, employees can register for the next available Licensed Nursing Assistant Certification Program. 

After completion of the LNA Program, these employees are given higher responsibilities and a pay increase. When the employee is a Licensed Nursing Assistant, they can grow their career at RiverMead by taking additional certificate programs. If they work as an LNA for two years, they can enroll in the Medication Nursing Assistant Certificate Course.

Currently, there are only twelve LNA programs in New Hampshire and even fewer MNA programs. RiverMead offers a unique experience by providing these courses for free to eligible employees and paying them their hourly rate while they attend the class. These courses can be thousands of dollars at community colleges and other institutions.


Should employees wish to further their nursing careers, they may be eligible for tuition reimbursement, assistance, and discounted tuition through certain local institutions. The possibilities are endless! Employees have used these programs in the past to become Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.


Contact Dianne Tisdale, Director of Human Resources, to learn more about how RiverMead can help you achieve your career goals.

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