Management Team

Senior Management Team

Lara Shea, Chief Executive Officer
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Jaime Conley, Chief Financial Officer
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Jennifer Coles, Director of Marketing
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Jason Duval, Director of Facilities and Safety
Meghan Cook, Assisted Living Administrator
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Sherry Gauthier, Director of Resident Services
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Jennifer Fife, Director of Environmental Services
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Carrie James, Director of Human Resources
Richard Schimpf, Director of Culinary Services
Jen Skelton, Director of Nursing
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Julie Simo, Controller
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Assistant Directors

Will Dooley, Assistant Director of Human Resources
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Stacey Ferraro, Assistant Director of Nursing
Nancy Johnson, Assistant Director of Culinary Services
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Kim Mansfield, Assistant Director of Resident Services
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Jennifer Balcar, Life Enrichment Manager
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Jeremy Blydenburgh-Cote, Marketing and Community Relations Manager
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Ricky Blydenburgh-Cote, Operations Manager
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Melissa Boisvert, Program Manager
Lisa Labonte, Environmental Services Manager
Carol Leger, Fitness Manager
Dan Moore, Assisted Living Transition Counselor
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